WedPM2: Tools of Data Governance
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  Robert Seiner   Robert S. Seiner
KIK Consulting/


Wednesday, October 8, 2014
01:30 PM - 04:45 PM

Level:  Intermediate

At one time it was assumed that humans were unique among creatures in their ability to use tools. Now it is clear that tool using is widespread in the animal kingdom. Tool using has even become a large part of successful Data Governance implementations. We are not talking about software products and high-tech gadgetry here. We are talking about tools that can be developed with the resources you have around you. Forever we have been combining evolution and innovation. Let’s do it for data governance and information governance.

This seminar from Robert S. Seiner describes five tools that can be built internally to enable the successful implementation of Data Governance and Information Governance Programs or augment existing programs.

The tools discussed in this session will stem from usage in both data governance to information governance implementations across several industries, invasive to non-invasive approaches, and the session will demonstrate how organizations have used these tools to gain quick wins and prolonged sustainable success.

During this session, Seiner will lay out the structure of a handful of tools using simple Office (or similar) products that can be customized to:

  • Improve knowledge of accountability and enforcement over the management or data (or information)
  • Improve communications around the definition, production and use of data
  • Improve the understanding, use and value of data for decision making
  • Improve the ability to classify, secure and govern access to data
  • Improve the ability to resolve issues, identify systems of record, improve quality of data

Robert (Bob) S. Seiner is the President and Principal of KIK Consulting & Educational Services and the Publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter ( In 2017, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In 2016, KIK Consulting celebrated its 15th anniversary focusing on knowledge transfer and consultative mentoring in the areas of Data Governance, Metadata, and Information Quality.

Bob was recently awarded the DAMA Professional Award for significant and demonstrable contributions to the data management industry. Bob specializes in Non-Invasive Data Governance™, data stewardship, and metadata management solutions, and has successfully assisted and mentored many notable organizations.

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